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Door access control - a valuable extra layer of security

Ideal for any business and just as essential for private properties and gated accommodation, access control is a layer of security you can't do without. Contact Seguro Systems, Paisley.

Do you know who's got access to your premises?

In a world where the most vital and confidential of business and personal information is held on PCs, no workspace should ever be without door access control. 

With our convenient, robust access control systems, you can ensure that only authorised personnel are allowed not just into your building but into certain restricted areas. We can think of no better way to keep your IT systems, invaluable information and personnel safe.

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Ideal for flats, apartments and gated accommodation

Even a simple intercom system is a great way to keep a building safer and ensure that only residents and other authorised persons are allowed inside.

But we can offer systems that are far more reliable, such as card access, video phone access, proxy readers and mag locks!

The benefits of access control

  • Prevent unauthorised access to your building or to your site

  • Restrict access to sensitive areas of your building

  • Integrate your system with CCTV, barriers, intruder alarms and gates

  • Add or remove staff and guests to your database simply and quickly

  • Fobs, fingerprint access, cards and video comms can all be utilised

Fully compatible with your other security systems

The beauty of access control is that it can be seamlessly used in conjunction with any other security features you use - such as alarms, physical barriers and CCTV.

By combining as many systems as possible and having them communicate effectively with one another, you will have the best possible chance of securing your site against any and all threats.

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