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Security Cameras

Smart CCTV systems: so you can monitor your property in real time - anytime

Keep a close eye on your property from anywhere in the world! Contact Seguro Systems, Paisley's experts in home and business security solutions.

Seguro Security Systems, keeping you and your family safe with CCTV that never lets you down

We know how important your property is to you. It doesn't matter whether it's your business premises, your home or a let that you manage - you want to make sure the occupants, its contents and the building itself remain free from harm.

CCTV is one of the best ways you can ensure this, acting as a deterrent and as a means of detection. When we carry out a survey of your home, we'll identify the best spots to place each camera, ensuring no key area is left unobserved.

Call us today for a free survey.

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Camera Installation

Smart CCTV installation

With a smart CCTV installation, you can monitor your property from your very own mobile device. It doesn't matter where you are - whether you're on holiday or simply out of town for a while.

Know that your home or business property is under a watchful eye at all times.

Smart video analytics

We don't stop at just remote access. Our CCTV systems are even smarter than you might think. 
Using the latest, smart-video-analytics technology, your security system will send an instant notification to your phone in the event that something unusual takes place. This could be an object going missing, or an object or person that shouldn't be there. Even better for your peace of mind.

CCTV maintenance and repair

Even the most robust security system can experience hitches or maintenance issues from time to time. If a problem arises, or if a little TLC is required, we can be there to carry out a service and identify (and fix) any faults that may be present.

Call-outs are charged at a fixed fee of £50 during office hours

 (parts not included) 

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